В акселератор MassChallenge мы не прошли в 2021. Вернемся в 2022.

Как мы уже писали — мы подвали заявку на участие в акселераторе MassChallenge — 2021 подразделение Швейцария, направление «Пищевые технологии». Должен признаться, что я, как и вся наша команда, с нетерпением надеялись и ждали ответа из Швейцарии. И вот несколько дней назад мы его получили. Дальше цитата:


Thank you for taking the time to apply to MassChallenge.

After a careful and extensive review process, we regret to inform you that the MassChallenge Judges have decided not to advance your application for BIO ZET laboratory.

The 2021 applicant pool was extremely competitive, and we were unable to select every promising startup. Keep in mind, this is not an indication that you shouldn’t pursue your startup. We encourage you to draw on the application process, judges’ feedback, and local resources as you take the next step with your business.

Judges’ Feedback

You can find feedback and scoring from Round 1 judges on your Startup Dashboard under “My Startup” from now on.

Future MassChallenge Accelerators

We recommend and encourage all our previous applicants to enter again next year. Over the years, we have seen previous applicants go on to become MassChallenge winners. As long as you have not raised over $1M in equity-based investment or generated over $2 million in revenue, you will be eligible to apply for next year’s accelerator programs.

In the meantime, MassChallenge hosts many public events throughout the year. Please keep an eye on our newsletter for updates and opportunities to connect with the local startup community. We hope to see you soon!

Thank you again for your interest in MassChallenge.

Best wishes,

The MassChallenge Switzerland Team


MassChallenge Switzerland Team

Да, мы немного расстроились, но не унываем. Неудачи — это всего лишь часть побед.

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